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Cry Respond Foundation (CRF) was established in March, 2016, incorporated and registered with the Government of Liberia (GoL) on February 9, 2018. It serves to, among many other things, provide relief to the less-privileged persons of all ages and their dependents who's lives has been dejected and are in abject poverty.

Reasons that gave birth to CRF, are contingent upon the continued experience of serious financial crisis, poverty and unemployment.

 Lots of people with their children in the remote parts of the country and even some remotes areas of the city are unable to cater to their children and family due to poverty. This has caused many destitute situations and/or cases that needs to be addressed to help the less

privileged and marginalized persons, groups and communities including but not limited to healthcare opportunities, educational supports, conflicts resolution, homelessness, agriculture programs, vocational training programs, rapid responses to emergency situations and etc. Against this backdrop, many children are given out to foster parents & orphanage homes while majority of them look around for where to get shelter & relief assistance. Since the establishment of CRF, we have been very active in the provision of assistance to many less-privileged and marginalized persons that are always in dire need of relief assistance from either individuals or organizations like ours. In view of the aforesaid, CRF envisaged that with such a prevailing condition if there is no constructive action to remedy these problems we must then expect these people to be plunged in a disastrous life in the near future.

Today, we are one of the most recognized Not-For-Profit Organizations, prepared to serve hundreds of thousands of less-privileged persons in most of the counties in Liberia with a variety of programs and services. Since our inception, we have proudly served more than 100,000 less-privileged persons in Liberia and we are determined to do more and to also domicile and operate even in other countries worldwide.

As our “mission is to enhance the quality of life for the less-privileged people (infants, children, youths, women, homeless, the blind & disabled and orphans) worldwide through other human health activities, support to education, agriculture, safe drinking water, peace and conflict resolution, emergency relief and ultimately end hunger and overcome hardship”. Our three -pronged purpose are as follows:

1. Promote dignity and self-esteem.
2. Foster independence and self-determination.
3. Facilitate social interaction and involvement in community life

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We all need help at one point in Life or Another. Please Consider playing your part in lending a helping hand to the Less Privileged


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Princess Teta Paybay

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