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Please Help The
Poor Childern and
Women of Nigeria & Liberia

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Extreme Porverty and Hunger is Devastating Liberia

After 14 years of civil war,... quite a lot has changed, but a whole lot still remains the same, with poverty, hunger, sickness, lack and illiteracy prevailing over the majority of people here. Most of whom are women and children, who are in desperate need of your urgent help

About Us

An Overview

Liberia (CRF) & Nigeria (CRHF)


Established in March, 2016, incorporated and registered on February 9, 2018"

Cry Respond Foundation (CRF) is a legally registered and re-accredited Non-Governmental Organization under the laws of the Republic of Liberia since 2018 with programs to improve the lives of less privileged people through health, education, agriculture, peace building & conflict resolution and emergency relief services. Its registration details are - registration number: 052018935 and Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN): 500742949.

Additionally, Cry Respond Humanitarian Foundation (CRHF) began operations in Nigeria, in the year....

How Can You Help?

We Very Urgently Need The Following:-




Food items & Clothing


Equipments and Vehicles


Health Care & Hygiene Products

“Love is not patronizing and
charity isn't about pity.”
— with charity you give LOVE
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Service to Humanity

A Call To Charity

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Giving is A Virture

Giving your time, love, attention and affection are all aspect of generosity, sharing a smile with the less privileged, offering a hug to them lighten their heart. When you give your heart opens, your mood lightens and your trust deepens. All it takes is an agreement to be generous, first with yourself and then with others. The more loving, kind, and patient you are with yourself, the more you will reflect this to others, and of course, the more this will be mirrored back to you.



Show love to the needy, orphans and less privileged ones, reward is always awaiting for people that shows love to the needy



Have compassion on orphans and less privileged ones, reward is always awaiting for people that shows Compassion to the needy



Givers hardly lack. make your charitable gift to orphans, the poor and less privileged ones. Shows Charity to the needy.

CRF Activities

What We Do

Our Programs

We operate a multipurpose charity governed by an active volunteer Board of Directors, including three of the organization’s founders.

We engage in a variety of programs to meet the needs of those we target and serve.